Shortly after the renovations the hotel would become host to many famous and infamous patrons Including Clark Gable and Carol Lombard. Not to mention the more infamous such as Al Capone, John Dillenger, Baby Face Nelson and other notable gangsters. It is said that to this day in some areas of the building Al's cigar smoke still wafts through the air. After the 1940's the hotel changed hands several times. By the 90's the Barbee Hotel was old and in disrepair. It was then that Tony Herman bought, rebuilt and remodeled the hotel adding to its frame fifteen tons of Steel. The steel frame can be seen exposed on the outside walls to this day. 

  After years of ups and downs The Barbee Hotel thrives with a fine dining experience to be had on the first floor, and a sports bar on the second. We don't chase food fads. We are the standard. Many signature cocktails hearken to the days of prohibition, craft beers abound, and the hand cut steaks and prime rib are the backbone of our dining experience.

The original Hotel Ormond was established in 1897. The name was later changed to The Barbee Hotel as a tribute to the lakes it is located on. In the early days The Barbee Hotel was a growing resort managed by the Vanhoosen family. During this time it wasn't uncommon to see limousines populate the hotel parking lot. In 1922, the hotel unexpectedly burned down. Fortunately, the very next year the hotel was rebuilt by a couple from Indianapolis who were relatives of former president Lincoln. The knotty pine used to restore the hotel still gives the hotel its distinct look to this day.